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miss mosh


so much love for this model.  not sure what her real name is but shes known by artists on as Miss Mosh.  mostly does nude/fetish stuff but the regular portraits and fashion photos of her are amazing.  she works with some of the top photographers out there right now.  i want to shoot her some day.  here is her deviantart profile so you can see her whole portfolio.

biggest wtf!!!


who uses a stuffed cat as a purse on the red carpet at the Emmy’s.  wtf was she thinking.  i think this girls name is Stacy Haiduk.  Don’t know what she’s done/where she’s from.  probably just did this to get some attention.  Can’t wait to see what PETA has to say about this.

wish i wasn’t so tall…


…so i could rock these shoes.  Leighton Meester working on set.

clae thompson fall 2009.

clae thompson fall collection. more here.

cassandra c. jones

work by cassandra c. jones, via iheartphotograph, more here.

internet warnings lol



Toni Garn in Vogue – here.

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