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High Definition Mars Photos.



Devon Aoki For Numero Tokyo.

Photographer: Sebastian Kim

Pirates – Time Lapse Graffiti Video

Dazed and Confused December 09.

Photographed by: Daniel Jackson
Styling by: Karen Langley
Model: Abby Lee Kersaw

Geraldine Georges

Belgian Graphic Artist.

love the use of mixed media.

LEGO Girls

Jean-Yves Lemoigne for Amusement magazine.

Im pretty impressed, until i read more into it, i thought these might just be nude photos that have been pixalized.  Pretty realistic for legos.

Sac Lodge Monte Rosa

Alpine construction, with its extreme conditions, remains a challenge in engineering, as shown by the recent example of the Monte Rosa lodge.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) took over the architectural and technical concept, creating a crystalline body with remote-controlled energy management from a computer at the ETH in Zurich. The energy needed for heating water and air come from solar collectors. The sewage is micro filtered on a bacterial basis and the resulting greywater is reused for flushing and cleaning purposes.

The silvery, shining aluminium cladding and the photovoltaic structure on the southern facade conceal the wooden construction beneath.

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