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Sublime Sand: Desert Dunes Seen From Space.

Deserts are known for being desolate and lifeless, but they are also quite striking and beautiful, especially when seen from above. Different types of sand, topography, wind and climate combine to form a tremendous variety of landscapes. Shifting dunes are carved into an endless number of constantly changing shapes.

The images in this gallery, taken by orbiting astronauts and satellites, show some of the most beautiful, most haunting, biggest, rarest and most stunning desert vistas on Earth


Light Paint Update.


sooo sick.

Mita sneakers and Reebok are getting physical with their latest Ex-O-Fit Hi Strap fitness shoe. Featuring a striking black and white striped upper with a fluffy polar fur lining, the real visual kick comes via the pink laser stripe that runs across the ankle strap. Dust off your leg warmers, rewind your Richard Simmons tapes and jazzercise down to mita where these will go on sale Wednesday December 23rd.

Watch This! The Known Universe.

Carmen Kass by Mario Testino in Allure

love the colors on these photos.

Marina Jamieson by Ferrater in NEO2

sooooo sick.

n Chains: Barbara Bui’s Newest Line

rad, i want the necklaces, so pimp.

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