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digital images made from math equations.  i really like them and the idea that everything can be related to art in some way.  they’re called mendelbulbs.

Amazing Technology

L.A.S.E.R. Tag

OBEY Spring Collection 2010


i like their jackets, the legging look however should never happen

Married to the Mob Lookbook

Married to the Mob return with one of their most accomplished collections to date. The new MTTM spring range features fun flouncy fabrics and cool summery stripes. There are plenty of graphic tees to please, however in a sign of the brands growing maturity these are presented as ensemble pieces rather than the main show stoppers.  I love the shirt that unzips in the back.

I Want You To Want Me

kind of sad, but i thought the idea of the technology was really cool and a good insight into online dating. Made by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar

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