Sasquatch 2010

so this isn’t my video, but i went to most of these bands and i thought it was pretty good capture of some of the stuff that went on during the 3 days.

me and kalyn, chillen at camp before the shows started.

dan having a rough time standing up hahaha

the only person i came home to after being kicked out of the festival haha

concert crew on Monday, a lot of our group left that morning cause they had to head back to school.

our whole group for the weekend, everyone was awesome.

woke up and this kid was passed out like this on one of our cars…funniest thing ever…typically he’s from Oregon State U. those kids cant handle sasquatch apparently.

some of the guys trying to move him, everyone was too fucked up though, kept dropping him every like 30 seconds.

public enemy hahahaha

the view of the hill at the mainstage from the dance pit

playing dizzee bat and other drinking games at 7 am haha

our camp ground…so legit having the beer bong and a table for beer pong and flip cup.

the aussies playing beer pong.

bonus: Deadmau5 on saturday…was fucking epic.

so yeah it was a pretty epic weekend. I just wish DRC could have been there to experience it with me. The bands were all amazing. Saturday i saw: Mumford & Sons, Minus the Bear, Portugal the Man (actually got to party with him Monday night, he played live at the campsite right next to mine), Brad, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (really fucking good), OK Go, Patton Oswalt, The Posies, Miike Snow. At that point I got pretty sick from too much alcohol and no water so I had to leave.

Sunday i didnt get to see one band cause i got kicked out of the festival for reasons I won’t discuss but my friends said Kid Kudi was amazing…i actually said what up to him cause when i was getting kicked out they kept me in a holding area right next to his tour bus. so i guess it wasnt such a loss.

Monday i saw: The Temper Tramp (one of my new favorite bands), Fresh Espresso (blew my mind), Telekenisis, Passion Pit, Dr. Dog, She and Him, Band of Horses, MGMT, and Neon Indian.


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