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Bjorg 2010 Jewelry Collection

Norwegian jewelry label Bjorg was launched in 2004 on the basis of creating items which embodied a distinct aesthetic; Embracing the beauty of imperfection but also maintaining an approach to jewelry design that held certain emotions and connotations. In the brand’s 2010 collection, they team-up with fellow Norwegians in filmmakers Matias and Mathis to create a short movie which explores the symbolism of a relationship and jewelry. The 2010 collection is themed after pioneering evolutionist Charles Darwin and where we’re going relative to the past, present and future.

Frank Kozik “Big Army Man” Gold Edition.

Frank Kozik just released his latest 18-inch figure, the Ultraviolence Big Army Man, which Juxtapoz is offering in a gold colorway. Each figure comes with interchangeable hands, with only 50 limited edition units being produced. Available now directly through the Juxtapoz webstore.

Alexander McQueen Jewelry

God i love Alexander McQueen…so sad that he passed. I really want the brass knuckle ring and and the belt bracelet.

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