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New Favourite Photographer: Mario Testino.

check out his work here.
all i can say is wow!


For christmas please!


Italian eyewear brand SUPER release a new series of sunglasses for its Winter 2010 collection. Featuring their usual top notch acetate construction with Carl Zeiss lenses, fourteen different styles are offered as part of this latest release. Models include the Andrea, Crystal, Francis, Lucia, and People, all popular in the SUPER stable. Look for these now via select retailers worldwide, including the SUPER webstore.

Or i would be equally happy with…

Californian watch label Nixon has just released its latest model, “The Trader” watch. The Trader is predominantly black with a shiny finish and features a titanium carbide coated case. Waterproof to a depth of 200 meters, each scratch resistant body is individually numbered on the reverse. Again composed from a custom titanium carbide coated stainless steal, the band is to be fastened with a double locking butterfly clasp and inter-changeable PU band complete with stainless steel buckle. The 7 hand watch includes a Swiss quartz chronograph to illustrate the day, date and month and is now available from the UK store for £800 (Approx. $1280 USD).

Letter from the Editor.

To our faithful followers!
Just a quick message regarding the blog…the two of us have been crazy busy with school,
thus the quality and quantity of our posts have recently been lacking.
Recently i finished my degree, so things around here are going to pick up dramatically.

We are still here and we will continue to bring the love.

DJ LEXICON – dirtyfaces.

this is my boy out of Brisbane, AU.
turn your shit up and listen.

certified dope.

oh my god.

DRC/s Photodump of the week…une!

(both from here.)

A new thing I’m doing, ‘photodump of the week’ where i share photos i have found during the week which i found pleasing to the eye…

profiter de mes amis!


(from here.)

(all three from here.)

DRC’s Photo of the day!

been a while haha!

50s photographer, Ed Feingersh, was hired by Marilyn Monroe to photograph her after her big move to New York.

She was looking for a new image, as a more serious actress, so Feingersh went with  documentary style. Also in this exhibit are street photographer Gary Winogrand’s photos of Marilyn.

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