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Rekiem Skateboarding: How to Make a Board.


Earth as Art: Stunning Images From Space

so amazing and beautiful.
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Futuristic Biopolymer Gel Fridge

“Four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator, the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. Rather than shelves, the non sticky, odorless gel morphs around products to create a separate pod that suspends items for easy access.”

Inflatable Photo Studio

Looking for a portable photo studio? The inflatable photo studio (IPS) is a black plastic balloon that quickly setting up a controlled shooting environment in minutes. It can be pumped up ready for action in 3-4 minutes. The IPS is made from 6-10mm thick plastic and block out any light that might spoil your photography. and folds up to 2 x 2 x 4 ft when deflated. The inflatable photo studio comes in two sizes, a small 12 x 7 x 10 ft and a lager 20 x 12 x 12-ft design at $330/$400 or $350/$500 respectively.

so rad! i want one so bad

Chinese Bus Concept Reduces Congestion

A Chinese company is looking to build buses so big cars can drive right under them, ease congestion. Being developed by the Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment company, and the buses are currently planned for Beijing’s Mentougou district, where Huashi will commence building its first 186km of track at year’s end. Watch the Chinese demo video after more.

The Laser Suit

The Laser Suit by Wei-Chieh Shih
I want this. soooo bad. i’d be the coolest kid at the party.

Photography’s Longest Exposure

Six months. That’s right. This dream-like picture shows each phase of the sun over Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge taken during half a year.

The image was captured on a pin-hole camera made from an empty drinks can with a 0.25mm aperture and a single sheet of photographic paper.

Photographer Justin Quinnell strapped the camera to a telephone pole overlooking the Gorge, where it was left between December 19, 2007 and June 21, 2008–the Winter and Summer solstices. (That’s a 15,552,000 second exposure.)
‘Solargraph’ shows six months of the sun’s luminescent trails and its subtle change of course caused by the earth’s movement in orbit. The lowest arc being the first day of exposure on the Winter solstice, while the top curves were captured mid-Summer.

(Dotted lines of light are the result of overcast days when the sun struggled to penetrate the cloud.)

Quinnell, a renowned pin-hole camera artist, says the photograph took on a personal resonance after his father passed away on April 13–halfway through the exposure. He says the picture allows him to pinpoint the exact location of the sun in the sky at the moment of his father passing.

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