ART by RJS – more can be found here.

March 2010.
My friend Suzi came over and we did a quick fashion portrait shoot…i haven’t edited all of them, but this is my favorite so far.
Taken against a shed in my yard, Mercer Island, Washington.

August 2010.
Long exposure shot of the Amazon Building in Seattle, Washington.
Was bored one night so decided to track down how to get to the bridge that leads up to it…found that the neighborhood was quite sketchy at night, but it was a beautiful view of downtown Seattle and the Amazon building which use to be a Veteran’s Hospital.
Seattle, Washington.

July 2008.
Photo shoot I put together with my friend Suzi.  I found this weird 1/2 underground parking garage on Mercer Island when my friends and I were playing an extreme version of cops and robbers and I needed a place to hide…hahaha.  anyways, thought it would make a cool setting.
Mercer Island, Washington.

March 2010.
Digital art image I created in Photoshop using mostly stock images and a lot of computer painting and editing.
Salvidor Dali inspired.

Not quite sure which year I took this…2007 or 2008
My friend Suzi modeled for me at my favorite park that parallels Broadway on Capitol Hill in Seattle.
Seattle, Washington.

July 2007.
My family and I took a 4 week trip to England and Scottland, took a bus out to Stone Henge when we were staying in London.
Was quite dissapointed at how far away you had to stay from the actual rocks and how many people were there haha.

March 2010.
Another digital image i put together in Photoshop using mostly stock images and a lot of digital painting.

Taken in 2008 at some point, not sure when really.
My friend got a sweet back piece and we had though about doing a black and white shoot with a fuzzy tv for a while and we figured this would be the perfect opportunity to do it.
Mercer Island, Washington.

ART by DRC – more can be found here or here.

December 2009.
Rebecca and I found a bunch of sparklers in her room so we spent a late night in her back driveway and yard doing long exposure shots with the sparklers and flashlights.
Mercer Island, Washington.

May 2009.
My friend Vincent and I took my Nikon and fisheye lense up to the round about in Blackwood and did some long exposure shots of the cars driving by.  Changed around the colors in post processing.
Blackwood, South Australia.

March 2009.
Photo I took of Rebecca when we visited her family’s beach house.  We did a roadtrip down the coast to stay there for two nights for my birthday and we managed to get a nice walk in on my birthday and the weather somewhat cooperated so we could take a few pictures.
Manzanita, Oregon.

December 2009.
Rebecca got proper studio lights for Christmas from her parents, so we set them up and messed around with the camera a bit, and I made her pose for me.
Mercer Island, Washington.

March 2009.
Portrait i took of Rebecca back in March 09 when we were visiting her beach house.

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  • Claire Goetschel

    i don’t look at blogs, like at all, but i always check yours out. you guys post really cool stuff, keep it up

    • drcxrjs

      Thanks Claire! I’m glad you like our blog, means a lot to know we have followers, hope school is going well

  • Kellie Elmore

    omg! this is AMAZING!!!!!!! I would love for you to check out a new site I created for artists. Poets, Photographers, Graffiti Artists, Illustrators etc… I think you would make a great addition to our community! Lots of bloggers there 😉 Just go to my “Creative Playground” tab on my blog and click “Social Muze” and your there! 🙂 Let me know what ya think 🙂 If not thats ok too, just wanted to spread the word.

  • Hockey Forum

    This is the perfect post and may be one to be followed up to see what happens

    A partner emailed this link the other day and I’m excitedly anticipating your next article. Carry on on the quality work.

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